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American Electrics vs. Lucas Electrics

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Subject: American Electrics vs. Lucas Electrics
From: "Kai Radicke" <>
Date: Sat, 7 Dec 1996 13:05:44 -0500
Why is it that in American Cars the electric systems always work even when
they aren't supposed to, and in British Cars the electrics never work when
you want them to.

The reason I ask becuase today, Mom's new Suburban's interior lights didn't
go off even after the car was locked and the doors shut for 15 minutes. 
The only way I found to cure this problem was to pull the fuse for that
circuit.  We have also had problems with the rearlights not going off
(seems the brake switch gets stuck in the on position), once again the quik
fix is to pull the fuse.  Mechanic can't find the problem, says it might be

Kai M. Radicke --
1966 MGB --

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