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I want to be a DPO (No LBC content to speak of)

Subject: I want to be a DPO (No LBC content to speak of)
Date: 07 Dec 96
-- [ From: Bob Nogueira * EMC.Ver #2.5.1 ] --

Question:  I've got a 86 Plymouth Mini Van which is has a (light) rod
   Can I simply replace the inserts to get a few more miles out of it
with out  turning the crank?

Background: Since all my experience has been with rebuilding LBC engines
I've always done it right,  grind or polish the  crank, bore cyl. , etc.
and  have had no experience, with partial  rebuilds. 
 My BGT  needs a new interior. I figure the cost of rebuilding the Mini
van engine properly and the BGT interior are going to cost about the
same.  Since I only use the van about once or twice a month to  haul LBC
parts or go to the lumber yard, putting money into it is pretty much a
waste.  However the Van  does come in handy when needed and I'd like to
keep a "hauler" around.
If I can't salvage the Van my wife has her eye on a 41 Plymouth  Pickup
truck ( runs great, no rust , and all the ambiance of a  Steinbeck
Oklahoma  pick-up).  But again, it would come at the cost of the BGT's
interior and all new chrome to boot.  Soooooo my plan, if supported by
the list,
Throw a set of inserts in the van, pray, get the B's interior, and hope
the Steinbeck Limited Edition Plymouth pickup stays in the owners garage
until at least on of the kids finish college (18 months).

Relevant information:  The BGT is my daily driver.
The van would get maybe 100 to 200 miles per month at best .
I am not nor never plan on being a member of a Chrysler mailing list so
I'm not worried about being a DPO .

Disclaimers :1) Of course I realize that all opinions expressed will be
based solely on theory and have NOOOOO foundation in actual practice.

2.) All replies  WILL be held in the strictest confidence and under no
circumstances will the opinions expressed EVER  be  attributed to the

Thanks in advance 

Bob Nogueira 

PS  NO KAI  I'm not telling you where that chick magnet 41 Plymouth is

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