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Carlisle's where abouts and when abouts

Subject: Carlisle's where abouts and when abouts
From: (David Deutsch)
Date: Sat, 7 Dec 1996 14:34:27 -0800
Import Carlisle is May 9th  - 11th 
Carlisle Pa (Pennsylvania) is located approx. halfway between philly 
and pittsburg off of Pa Turnpike
It is the mother of all swap meets and car corrals. Examples: I offered 
$200 for a good running Spitfire needing mucho body work and lost it to 
a fellow who paided $250 last year. Also saw a MGB with 215 V8 sell for 
$3,800 there. Bought a pair of SUs (HS4s) rebuilt w/ manifold and 
linkage for $125. Hardtops all over for $200 to $300. You need it/ 
you'll find it at Carlisle. Many hundreds of venders and if someone 
told me there are a thousand, I'd believe it. IT'S THAT BIG!!!
MAKE YOUR HOTEL RESERVATIONS NOW!!!   Safety Fast, David Deutsch    

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