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Re: Life is good!

To: Wayne Kube <>,
Subject: Re: Life is good!
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 1996 01:02:39 -0500 (EST)

On Sat, 07 Dec 1996, Wayne Kube <> wrote:
>Just got home from the Texas MG Register's first Satruday Natter 'n
>Noggin'.  Beautiful day today - nearly 70 degrees F - cloudless sky - light
>breeze.  Wonderful top down driving!  Cruising down the road at 55 (ok, 70
>-  allright, 80mph for a while!), short sleeved T-shirt, wind massaging the
>scalp, Grateful Dead playing on the stereo - cool!  Good turnout - about 30
>members and friends - early December couldn't be much better. 

 Wayne, Just came home from the Jersey T chapter's Christmas Party to see your 
note. What a contrast. Our party was at Keith Murphy's house in Long Valley, 

Long Valley is exactly opposite what most picture N.J. as being. His house is 
a very rural area on top of a mountain. In fact the temperature drop was enough 
to change the rain we have been getting on the Jersey Coast all day into a 
pretty heavy snow storm. They are expecting up to a foot. 

Fifty five people showed up for a great party. Keith was a rock and roll singer 
in the late fifty's ( had a recording contract but never became big) and has a 
"fifty's" room filled with memrobilia including a juke box and "drive in" type 
counter and booths. Great setting for an MG party, but no substitute for top 
down weather you are having in Texas.


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