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Subject: Corroless
From: (Larry Pitts)
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 1996 04:24:38 -0800
I've lost, misplaced or otherwise can not find the spec sheet that came with
the quart of Corroless rust stabiler the I purchased from Eastwood. Has
anyone on the list used this product?? I need to know what products (
primers & paints ) that the Corroless is compatiable with. I considered
using a self etching primer such as variprime followed by a high build
primer/surfacer, then velva-seal as prescribed by Dupont. I wanted however,
to use the Corroless in some of the high rust areas ( doors, fenders, etc.).
Any thoughts ???? ... Anyone with a spec sheet ????
73 B( current restoration )
71 GT
74 TR6

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