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Re: Broken boot lock/been there

Subject: Re: Broken boot lock/been there
From: (David Deutsch)
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 1996 07:24:02 -0800
I had to drill a small hold about 1/2" below edge of lock mechanism 
right under curve of pull handle and stick small screw driver through 
to release catch. Hated doing it but sometimes you just gotta do, what 
you just gotta do.  
Safety Fast, David Deutsch
You wrote: 
>I have a 78 B, and when I tried to open the boot today,
>the lock barrel came out with the key ! 
>All the mechanism inside seems to have fallen away - I tried to
>open the boot by pushing a screwdriver through the small hole
>where the retaining screw used to be, but with no success - does
>anyone have any ideas ?
>78 MGB

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