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MGA sill replacement

Subject: MGA sill replacement
From: (Donald G. Mostrom)
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 1996 21:33:10 -0800
I had a '60 MGA basket case follow me home a couple of weeks ago. As 
I've been examining the car (also read pieces) it's become evident that 
both side sills will need replacement so that the front and rear halves 
of the body will continue to be connected. 

Fortunately, the car came with most of the parts necessary to replace 
those that have become little more than a rumor. Unfortunately, the 
information I've fond on sill replacement is about in the same state as 
the sills. Can any of you MG gurus help me with 
sources/videos/books/personal experience on this subject?


Don Mostrom
'79 Midget (rust-free)
'60 MGA (makes up for the Midget) 

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