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parts for sale

Subject: parts for sale
From: Westley Johnson <>
Date: Mon, 09 Dec 1996 13:01:59 +0000
i recently purchased a bunch of british parts i don't know why i just 
did i felt that these parts should go to good homes rather than be sold 
by the pound for scrap. here is a partial list and some prices.
4 synchro o/d tranny $375 dirty at least $50 more if i have to clean it
4 synchro o/d tranny w/o o/d unit $125             "
4 synchro non o/d tranny  $100                                                  
3 synchro "a" series tranny  $100
magnette transmission  $275
18G early mgb engine 3 main bearing complete $400
18GK mgb 5 main engine complete $350
18v mgb engine complete $300
trunk (boot) lids MGA, MGB spridget
fenders MGB     
doors late MGB
early "pull handle" MGB
GT rear hatch with glass 
spridget hood (bonnet) 
spridget doors 

hood (bonnet)
side curtains

TR-3 doors
hood (bonnet)
TR-6 doors
TR-4 trunk (boot) lid
TR-4,6 o/d unit no transmission just the o/d unit $100

E cpe rear door s 1
E cpe doors     s 1
MK II doors
      trunk lids
if you are interested anything e-mail me directly

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