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Re: Broken boot lock

Subject: Re: Broken boot lock
From: "Craig H. Brallier" <>
Date: Mon, 09 Dec 1996 07:46:02 -0800 wrote:
> I have a 78 B, and when I tried to open the boot today,
> the lock barrel came out with the key !
> All the mechanism inside seems to have fallen away - I tried to
> open the boot by pushing a screwdriver through the small hole
> where the retaining screw used to be, but with no success - does
> anyone have any ideas ?
> David
> 78 MGB

Been there, done that.  When i bought my 75 B, i couldn't get into the 
boot.  I attached all my 1/2 drive extensions together to reach through a 
speaker hole in the bulkhead to remove the bolts from the latch catch.  
Not once but twice.  Don't ask.

Good luck.

Craig Brallier

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