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Re: Regarding MGB engine prob

Subject: Re: Regarding MGB engine prob
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1996 12:48:27 EST
Thomas wrote:

>To all those who replied about my mgb engine that wasn't 'right':  I had 
>a revelation last night.  A few days ago, we had a 70+ degree day.  The 
>engine ran fine without a trace of the miss or hesitation.  Then, when 
>the "cold" came back, so did the problem.  That would be a carb problem, 

Very interesting.  I would become suspicious of the type lubricant you are 
using in your carb dampers.  May I ask what you use?  Anything other 
than 20W-50 motor oil?  And, back to my concern about proper 
functioning of the centrifugal advance mechanism, could it be that 
there is some type of heavy grease down there?  Something that could 
thicken up in the colder temps?  


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