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Re: HIF-4 problem & question on Grose Jets

To: "Rich Mason" <>
Subject: Re: HIF-4 problem & question on Grose Jets
From: "craig wiper" <>
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1996 17:30:24 -0800
Hi Rich. I've got 3 sets of HIF4 carbs. Normally I use a Weber, but I have
used the dual HIF4's for quite awhile. My first experience with them was
that the needles would stick sometimes and fuel would flow all over the
place. The first thing I did to them was to install Grose Jets. Problem
solved. No more fuel leakage. I've also taken the carbs completely apart,
not very difficult with a proper manual, and replaced all the gaskets, etc.
The redone units have never given me any trouble when I tuned them iaw the
manual. And, I am not a mechanic. Anything I now know about cars, I learned
from trying it myself on the MGB. And my car hasn't let me down in 6 years
now. I suggest using Grose Jets on both carbs. 
Craig Wiper
early '74 B

> From: Rich Mason <>
> To:
> Subject: HIF-4 problem & question on Grose Jets
> Date: Tuesday, December 10, 1996 8:21 AM
> Hello all-
> I'm contemplating some minor work on a HIF-4 (AUD550) and am looking to
> collective wisdom of this list once again.
> Presently the rear carb is running excessively rich. I can not seem to
> it out with the mixture adjusting screw but I can see the jet move up and
> down while turning the mixture adjustment screw.  I am inclined to
> that the float needle is not seating properly, or perhaps I have a
> seal on the starter valve?  Any other opinions?
> I figure since I am going to pull the carb, I might as well replace all
> soft goods while I'm at it - that will fix the starter valve leakage if
> is the issue. 
> What benefit (if any) is there to the Grose jets?  The PO suggested their
> use - but I have no experience with them.
> If I replace the needle and seat on the rear carb with a Grose jet, must
> do the same on the front carb (which is running very well!).
> Thanks,
> Rich Mason
> 1973 MGB
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