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'B Heaters

Subject: 'B Heaters
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 96 11:58:54 +0100
     On my '74, the problem was not with the heater matrix (with a warm 
     engine, plenty of hot air came out of the floor vents, but instead, 
     the problem was due to  leaks of cold air into the car
     The seal on the vent flap had turned to dust and so, even when closed, 
     plenty of cold air came in. Also, air leaked around the pipes that 
     feed the face-level vents where these pipes come through the bulkhead 
     (firewall). Any suggestions on fixing these?
     OTOH the PO had increased the heat entering the car by removing the 
     plug in the bulkhead -- I had air from the engine compartment coming 
     straight into the passenger compartment. Interesting in the Texas 

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