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Re: AOLers turning blue

Subject: Re: AOLers turning blue
From: "Jeff and Stash Blackwood" <>
Date: 12 Dec 1996 03:56:18 -0000
>  Thanks Mark, all this has made me realize what a pain in the ass it must
>be to handle this list. I sure as hell wouldn't put up with some of this
>crap IF THEY PAID ME, and I sure wouldn't do it for FREE. Keep up the good
I have to say I agree. While initially it seemed a bit extreme to kick them off
the list, I think that there are plenty of options left open for AOLers. All
they have to do is sign up for Hotmail or Juno and voila! Problem solved! There
are many other less obnoxious options out there for AOL users. I happen to work
for a company that offers much better service than AOL for the same price (I
won't mention the name, but if anyone wants more info, e-mail me).

Even though I've just been on the periphery of the list, lurking as Kai put it,
I have really enjoyed the info I received and I salute Mark for making this
service available to us. Thanks, and I hope everyone has happy holidays this
year... even AOL people.

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