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distributor mystery

Subject: distributor mystery
From: (Nina Barton)
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 19:55:18 -0800
Back in 1984, courtesy of the PO, I managed to put a piston through the oil
pan on the freeway with two young children in the car.  As I surveyed the
pool of oil spreading out on the emergency parking strip, I figured the
thing to do was get it towed to the mechanic's and fixed.  He got me a new
short block and did a very nice job, and the engine has run reliably to
this day (by MG standards).  I have not worked on the car myself in the
last 12 years, but have had it looked after by several good mechanics.
With the help of some people in my local MG club, and through this list (hi
Wes), I am once again engaged in attempting to fathom the mysteries of
automobile mechanics.

The car currently has no engine number.  I understand (I hope) that this is
due to the rebuilt block in the car.  The mechanic who did the work has
retired, and I have switched from the other mechanic who worked on the car
for 9 years for other reasons.  The car (a 71 BGT) currently has
distributor #41288 installed.  I am trying to figure out if this is the
correct distributor for the car, as the Official MGB thinks that for my car
distributor #41339 is correct.  The unit is a Lucas 25D4, but at the time,
there were many different advance specs.  Is there a way for me to find out
exactly which distributor would be correct to tune the car in the best way

Thanks in advance,

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