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Non-Detergent Engine Oil

Subject: Non-Detergent Engine Oil
From: Bob Hamilton <>
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 1996 10:35:49 -0400
        To those concerned, non-detergent engine oil SAE 30 is available 
from your Valvoline dealer. I have used it exclusively in the gearboxes 
of the Sunbeams (as recommended) for the past 34 years. Never had a problem.


        Mark B., you are doing a great job in handling these massive lists and
if the AOL guys can't handle the digests (the majority of us subscribe in 
digest form), then let them go. It is their loss.

>Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 17:09:22 -0700
>From: Shel Bercovich <>
>Subject: Re: Transmission Oil
>Having driven (hard) a '67 B-GT and a '71 B-GT, both with overdrives,
>for a total of some 200,000 miles, I can assure you that Castrol GTX
>20W50 is the right stuff!
>As far as I know, the only non-detergent oil is a mineral oil, and I
>haven't seen any of that since the racing days of the '60s. (You always
>knew when a race car was running Castrol Mineral oil by the different
>smell. Would you believe hot cod liver oil?) :-)
>Shel '74 B-GT (with the o/d tranny out of the above '71)
>Tom Wagner - Program Manager wrote:
>> To All of the wisdom :
>> I have a 67 "B" that is in bad need of
>> transmission oil.  This is a 4 speed all
>> synchro with an LH type OD unit.  The manual
>> says to use 20W50 Castrol, but people on the
>> net say to use 30W, detergent - non-detergent.
>> So Questions #1:  Who is right????
>> Question #2:  How can you tell if the
>> SAE 30W is detergent or non-detergent oil???
>> Question#3:  What is the correct weight and is
>> it to be non-detergent or detergent oil.
>> Thanks for the clarification in advance.
>> Tom Wagner
>> 67 MGB
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