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British Car Mag and SUs

To: MGs List <>
Subject: British Car Mag and SUs
From: Robert Allen <>
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 1996 12:48:33 +0000
Just picked up the Dec 96/ Jan 97 issue of British Car magazine. They
have an article beginning on page 38 cleverly entitled "Getting to Know
Your Carburetters." It was written by Paul Kile and is an excellent
introduction to carbs in general and the SU 'variable venturi' cards in

Diagrams are included which are just wonderful in clarifying the theory
of these wonderful contraptions. Good reading!

The article credits "SU Shop Manual" published by Burlen Fuel Systems as
the source for the diagrams. Maybe someone (aka A. B. Bonds) who has the
book can comment on it's usefulness.

Bob Allen, Kansas City, '68MGC/GT, '75TR6

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