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Re: re paint dash board

Subject: Re: re paint dash board
From: Dave Houser <>
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 1996 18:01:12 +0000
I'm in the middle of a resto on a 67 BGT and it's got the same dash. 
Let me say right off that this is a tricky job to tackle and the 
reason is that you must have an even heat or live in a very warm 
clime. I painted my dash in the middle of the summer, leaving a 
stripped down dash out in the sun for 1.5 hours. I then painted it 
evenly with the Eastwood supplied Wrinkle finish paint. Came out with 
an all over even wrinkle. My mistake was that I forgot about the glove 
box door! I tried painting in the fall on a warm day but the wrinkle 
was uneven. Stripped it again, put it out next warm day, no luck 
again. Tried this 2 more times before I put it away. I did not try the 
kitchen oven but people have had success with this route, I'm told.

Hope this helps, remember it's the heat that flows the paint and 
results in an even wrinkle all over.

Dave Houser

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