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RE: AOL (just delete it if you don't care)

To: "'The MG List'" <>
Subject: RE: AOL (just delete it if you don't care)
From: "Jason F. Dutt" <>
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 17:07:19 -0500
        All I have to say about the AOL thing (as if my opinion is the axis on =
which the List turns), as well as all the other fiascoes that have =
recently occurred, is that we all need it to be summertime, badly.  It =
seems our cabin fever is affecting our ability reason.
        To the AOLers.  You are not being dropped to digest because of =
prejudice, or any other personal nonsense.  There is, evidently, a =
technical challenge in the relationship to Majordomo (the list server), =
and AOL, that creates a huge hassle for our kind and generous list =
manager.  Therefore, to keep the list functioning for everyone else in a =
timely fashion, you are being put on digest.  Haven't you ever =
experienced other software incompatibilities in your computing =
experience?  It has nothing to do with a personal vendetta against you.  =
If you choose to leave, more power to you, but don't do it because you =
got your feelings hurt.



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