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Re: MGA Twin Cam help wanted

To: Robert Skillman <>
Subject: Re: MGA Twin Cam help wanted
From: "Wayne H. Francis" <>
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 1996 17:47:06 -0800
Robert Skillman wrote:
> Are there any list members familiar with what normal service parts
> (filters, points, rotor, cap) are the same on 15-1600 and twin cams.  I
> think the above are the same, although the distributor itself is different.
> The plugs and fan belt seem different.
> If anyone also knows of a good source for twin cam parts please let me know.
> Bob Skillman

     Just to provide a quick reply, the best place for twin cam parts 
that I've found is from Jim Alcorn in La Jolla CA...think the name of 
his business is Auto Vintagery.  This is embarassing...I've bought stuff 
from him and can't find a single invoice to give you the proper address. 
I'll try to dig deeper into the stacks and find the details for you.
     I'm installing twin cam rear disk brakes that I got from him on my 
early TD (all bolt on, of course), but that's another story.
                                                   Wayne Francis

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