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Help getting my first car

Subject: Help getting my first car
From: Paul Parkanzky <>
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 1996 02:04:43 -0500
Hello Everyone, probably nice to see something LBC related coming from my
address (usually I just gripe about list politics).  Anyway, here's my problem:
        I've located my first LBC.  It's not an MG, but an AH Sprite.  I
hope that's close enough for you guys.  Anyway, the problem is that it
doesn't run (and probably won't for a long time), and it's a good distance
from me (600 miles).  I don't have a towbar (or anything to tow with yet,
but I can take care of that) and I was wondering if anyone near me in Van
Wert, OH (halfway between Lima, OH and Ft. Wayne, IN) would have a towbar
for loan for a couple of days, or for rent (cheap).  I can barely scrape
together the cash for the car and the trip back and forth, and I'd rather
not have to take out a second mortage on my soul to rent a trailer from
U-Haul (went through that  with a friend's B).  
        I really want this car (although I haven't seen it yet), and any
help would be *GREATLY* appreciated.  I've been on this list for well over a
year  now and have enjoyed it alot.  If I get this car I'll even consider
resubscribing to the brit-car list.  Thanks in advance.
        Safety fast (or even at fifty behind a full-size van),
                        Paul Parkanzky

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