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MGA new subscriber

Subject: MGA new subscriber
From: (Gregory James Jones)
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 1996 12:09:02 -0600
Iam glad to have found such a wonderful list!  I have a 57 MGA which I have
owned for 28 years.  It was my first car and I learned to drive with it.  I
reburbished it in the 70s and it has changed little since then.  In 1984 I
decided to sell the A to buy a 50 MGTD which had a race history and was
still set up for racing as it was in the early 50s.  My father could not
bear to see the A go to strangers so he bought it and took to Florida where
it has been parked in his garage for ten years.  Two years ago he gave it
back to me saying it should be enjoyed not stored.  So I am trying to cure
some of the ailments caused from sitting.  When accomplished I plan on
driving it as much as possible and then eventually doing a frame up
restoration to factory specs.

One quick question.  The car has developed the ability to make the ignition
key irrelevant.  The only way to kill the engine is to pull the battery
cable.  The ignition key tumblers were badly worn (enough that the key
could be removed while driving) so I replaced the ignition switch.  No
change.  I checked the wiring and all was correct.  I do know that I am
dealing with the prince of darkness (Lucas) and that the car is in need of
a total rewire, but short of that, any suggestions.  The alternator?

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