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Re: Horn Info Needed

To: Tom Wagner - Program Manager <tom.w.wagner@Central.Sun.COM>
Subject: Re: Horn Info Needed
From: Wayne Kube <>
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 1996 19:35:52 -0600
Tom Wagner - Program Manager wrote:
> To All:
> Is there a way to hook up 2 horns
> to a 67 B roadster???  One on each
> side of the front firewall.
> Also why does the horn only make a faint
> peep when pressing on the steering
> horn button????

Tom -
        The wiring diagram in the Haynes MGB manual shows two horns for '67 and
later models, one horn with an optional second horn for models up to
'67.  You could certainly add a second horn, although as someone else
suggested, you might add a relay to preserve the contacts in your horn
button.  The purple wire is 12 volts from the fuse box, the purple/black
wire is switched ground connected from the horn to the horn button.  The
other side of the horn button is ground.  Just get another horn like the
one you have and connect a new set of wires (if my wiring diagram is
correct, your harness may already have the wires included).
        As far as making a faint peep, check for correct voltage on the purple
wire (should be 13 volts or so - or whatever your battery voltage is)
whether the horn button is pressed or not.  The other wire
(purple/black) should be the same 13 volts when the horn is not pressed,
and should drop to zero volts (or very close to it) when the button is
pressed.  If these are not true, check for faulty (corroded, loose,
etc.) connections at all the above points.  If the voltages are correct,
the problem probably lies within the horn itself.  You can disassemble
the horn and will find a set of contacts.  These tend to get nasty from
dirt and moisture that travels up inside the horn.  Clean these like you
would any set of points.  You will find that the contact is adjustable
from the outside of the horn.  It will be a slotted or hex head screw. 
After you have cleaned the contacts, have someone press the horn button
while you adjust the screw.  You will find a point where the horn gives
the loudest and nicest tone.  That's where you want to leave it.

Good Luck!

Wayne Kube
Plano, TX

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