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Subject: Re: reply/leak oil? /13
From: Geoff Love <>
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 1996 09:17:27 -0500
Jarl/Carol wrote:
> > Thanks for the tidbit and the corrections, Jarl.
> >
> > Geoff Love, The English Connection.
> You're most certainly welcome. I certainly wasn't trying to put you
> down! I just want to make sure that all the owners learn as much as
> possible about the problems they face!
> Jarl
Of course, we both overlooked another possible source of oil dripping
from then bell housing, namely the oil seal at the front end of the
gearbox. In the event the front bearing of the gearbox has deteriorated,
together with general wear in the boxes' other bearings, the primary
input shaft will wobble about, resulting in much unpleasant noise
emanating from the box.  The chances are that, with a box in such a poor
state of repair, the front oil seal will have deteriorated, allowing oil
to pass from the box to the bell housing. Mostly this oil will be slung
about the interior of the bell housing messing up the clutch, but some
will inevitably find it's way, by dint of gravity to the small hole in
the bottom of the bell housing and drip out.  However, I am sure this
would not account for 3 inch puddles everytime the car stopped, or, if
it did, then the gearbox is just about of oil and very expensive noises
will shortly make themselves apparent.
Now, please for my info, if for no one else's, which way up DOES the
oval vent plate go?

Geoff(with bated breath) Love, The English Connection

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