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Re:The List.....and everything

Subject: Re:The List.....and everything
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 1996 12:33:44 -0500
I was new to this list when the "catastrophe" occurred and I felt shunned 
by the actions against AOLers.  However, having dealt w/ AOL for several 
years I understood the limitations of the Mail system. IT AIN'T GREAT.  
However, as a "unique" auto driver (Midget) and a "unique" computer user 
(MAC) I find no other acceptable access to the list. I tried to e-mail 
Juno and got an auto respond message (No Mac support) also I checked out 
HoTMail and found that I needed Web access to use it.  I, and my family, 
find AOL useful for other reasons than the list and Internet access. 
Therefore an alternative would just cost me more (I'm trying to put it 
into the Midget).  I am not real happy w/ Mark's decision, but I 
understand it.  I will forward any comments to the Mac team of AOL if 
anyone wants to suggest a way out without causing Mark undo concern.  I 
have read some of the digests and found that this whole situation has 
caused a lot of greif (sp?). I, personaly, would rather read the messages 
one at a time (the subjects can help w/ which ones I want to read). But 
the digest is better than nothing.

Larry Macy, Ph.D.
'78 Midget

p.s. Mark if you get this - Keep up the good work!!!! LM

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