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Solution for AOLer's and interactive

Subject: Solution for AOLer's and interactive
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 1996 14:59:53 -0500
Mark is allowing us AOLer's to get back on the "interactive" MG list. Just be
sure not to let your mail box get beyond 100 messages. A Flash Session two or
three times a day ought to do it. This is what I have being doing the last
few months, anyway. 

You can set your Flash Sessions up for every hour on the hour if you wanted
to. When I get up in the morning or home from work, my messages are waiting
for me and I bet I have never been a problem for Mark. The exception, of
course, would be on that now famous day (four days after Pearl Harbor Day,
December 7th). As one other subscriber said... "December 11th is Dan Hughs
Day"...  "a day that will live in imfamy". Maybe we should lobby for it to
become a national holiday. Where should we put the bronze statue? I guess it
would be a likeness of Dan at his PC with a packed suitcase at his feet and
an airline ticket sticking out of his pocket.

Just e-mail server at: and put "unsubscribe
mgs-digest"  in the text box. Then e-mail again. This time put "subscribe
mgs" in the text box. It will be a done deal in less than an hour.

Don't include the "'s in your messages.

You be right back as you were before Dan's faux pas and Mark's reaction. 

R. Johnson - Dallas

'90 Maine Coon
'79 Midget
'76 Midget
'73 MGB

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