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Re: MGB/For sale

Subject: Re: MGB/For sale
From: (David Deutsch)
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 1996 14:49:26 -0800
Below is the e-mail dialog I've had concerning a 80 B for sale. Riches 
e-mail address is I have no interest in this car, 
so much for "Tell David Deutsch about it, he buys everything", but it 
sounds like a get in and drive deal. Just passing along 

Good news/Bad news
The good is Dave Houser seems to be recovering from food poisoning.
The bad is his cars are not suddenly available.
Safety Fast, David Deutsch  

You wrote: 
>> >
>> >I have a fully restored 1980 MGB for adoption.  This car was
>> >professionally restored by Chick Knorr in Bloomsburg PA in 1991.
>> >Just about everything is new or redone.  He states over $14K 
>> >I know nothing about these cars, and bought it from a bankrupt 
>> >at a good price. Have driven it probably less than 500 miles in 
past 5

>David Deutsch wrote:
>> How many moneys are we talking about here? I do not play make me an
>> offer games. Just tell me what you need to get for it and sent a 
>> number and I can probably find the buyer. If the phone doesn't ring
>> then you'll know your price was out of line. Also your name would be
>> nice and the place car is located now. Safety Fast, David Deutsch
>> You wrote:

>> >years.  Want to sell, but only to good home any suggestions?
>> >Yes thank-you.  Car is located in northwestern New Jersey.
>Firm price is $9,500 US.   Phone is 908 850 2017.
>Rich Surmaitis - thanks for reponse - car is very excellent.

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