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My "Dan Hughes Story" ...

Subject: My "Dan Hughes Story" ...
From: Joe Peck <>
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 1996 19:06:10 -0500 (EST)
I can't recall whether these stories are driving-related or extend
to the furthest dark recesses of ones' garage, so here's my most
embarrassing, and painful. LBC incident.

Fitting A New Head, The Hard Way...

   I'd stripped the threads on a thermostat housing bolt, then
   managed to *break* a tappet after drilling out the bolt stub.
   So far, no good, but wait, I can use the head I'd just bought
   for my other B, since it's rebuild is still "in progress".
   Good idea.  At least I'll still have one of them running.

   So I popped the old head off, cleaned things up, fitted a new
   gasket.  Then just like I've done at least a dozen times, I
   leaned over the car and slid the head down over the stud bolts.
   But the head was hung up on something, so I leaned in to see what
   it was, when suddenly WHAM! the head wasn't stuck anymore.  But
   my fingertips were, one from each hand, stuck between the engine
   block and the cyclinder head.  OUCH!!!!!  And for some reason I
   couldn't lift the head back up off my poor fingers.  I managed
   to wiggle them out, then rushed upstairs to soak them in ice

   Wow, did that hurt!  One fingernail was split in half and bleeding
   and the other was just smashed pretty good.  this happened last
   month and my new fingernails are still growing in.

   I must have looked pretty silly with my hands trapped by my LBC,
   but the incident certainly is a good reminder to be careful
   working on your car.


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