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Fw: Distributor Stuck !

To: <>
Subject: Fw: Distributor Stuck !
From: "Bill Collier" <>
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 1996 19:42:22 -0600

I transposed the mailing address ( sent to -
not )

If this caused the message to appear twice on the list - I am Sorry !
> From: Bill Collier <>
> To:
> Cc:
> Subject: Distributor Stuck !
> Date: Saturday, December 14, 1996 8:55 PM
> I started checking out the engine for my 1972B restoration today
> and ran into  a small problem.  The distributor is frozen in the block.
> I loosened the cinch bolt - still stuck. Even removed both the bolts
> that hold the distributor hold down plate on. Still stuck. I have put
> enough pressure on the vacuum advance that i am afraid that it will
> break.  Took a small Stanley prybar to base but it would not lift out
> with a moderate amount of pressure .
> Is there a trick to removing the distributor body from the block.
> The inspection on the car expired almost 5 yrs ago, so it probably 
> has not been started since then.
> After pricing new distributor, I would really like to save it. I would
> to remove it  and go through it completely .
> I have piddled with B motors before but have never run into this problem.
> Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated !
> Thanks in advance,
> Bill Collier

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