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Subject: Re: MGB LE
From: Graham McCann <>
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 1996 14:50:16 +1100
>At 04:02 pm 14/12/96 -0800, you wrote:
>>Hi - I recently purchased a 1979 MGB LE #GHN5UL492209G from
>>the original owner.  The car was originally sold in Canada
>>although it spent almost all of its life in southern Calif.
>>My question is this - all of the LE's sold in Canada had the
>>usual LE Badge on the glovebox door and in the bottom right
>>hand corner of the badge is engraved the number of the run
>>of 250 cars - i.e. my car has #51 of 250 engraved on the
>>badge.  All of the US LE's I have seen have the same badge,
>>but without the #'s.  What is the situation in other countries?
>>Did the Australians get LE's too, and did their cars have #'s?
>>Did British Leyland really resort to American style marketing
>>and produce a LIMTITED EDITION that was only limited to the
>>number of cars they could sell?  What happened in Europe and
>>other areas where MG's were sold?
>There were no new MGs sold in Australia after about 1973.  There are some
of the UK spec LEs here (I had one) brought out here secondhand from the
UK.  They made 420 pewter GTs and 580 bronze roadsters in late 1980 as a
special end of production run.  They had the US spec front spoiler and side
decals and had red, instead of black, on the badges and had special alloy
wheels.  Otherwise they were standard 1800cc cars and did not have any
plaques.  There are also quite a number of US spec LEs here which have been
converted to right hand drive and those hopeless US spec engines replaced
or modified to UK specs (which virtually means a new engine, manifolds and

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