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Re: Finally!!!!A new car is coming. Congrads/ I Replied!!!

To: ken regenfuse <>
Subject: Re: Finally!!!!A new car is coming. Congrads/ I Replied!!!
From: (David Deutsch)
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 1996 12:07:37 -0800
You wrote: 
>time I ask David D. to
>please take a look at it. He does, Again Thank You David, and tells me 
it is
>a bargain and that I should seriously consider the car. I do, but 
still have
>quite a few questions on the car to be answered. Asked David for a 
>number to call him, but never got a reply. Figured he did his part
>so that was that. 

Hey!!! I replied and when I didn't hear from you I figured you had just 
decided upon a different car. If you or anyone else ever need to reach 
me, you can by E-mail, fax 516-794-8123 or phone 516-794-9004

>FINALLY the search is over. A V8 powered healey has got to be a great
>touring car. I am past
>the stage where I have to race a car, fortunately I got that out of my
>system when I was much
>younger. But when it was all said and done what I was really looking 
for was
>a British car that
>I could rely upon as well having fun driving and I truly believe I 
>found the ideal auto.
>Beautiful to look at, reliable, and a go fast toy. So Finally The 
Search Is
>BTW David, you should tell your friend the Healey in NY is still for 
sale so
>he or one of his friends
>so go for it. Hope to see a lot of you at some of the British events 
>year. Just look for the
>Red AH3000 with the Ford V8 peering from under the hood.....Ken

>        Ken Regenfuse
>E-Mail :

Congradulations Ken and I will be looking for that car in 97. BTW who 
was the guy selling car in Westchester? Safety Fast, David Deutsch

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