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Subject: Re: AOL
From: Paul Hunt <>
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 96 18:25:12 GMT
>AOL doesn't work well with contacting some web sites either.  I've 
>tried numerous times to search an ads site, and keep getting a "no 
>cars found" regardless of the actual search results.  I don't speak 
>the lingo to understand exactly why this is, but apparently AOL 
>remembers the first time a site is contacted, and keeps that ever 
>after. (something about the proxy)

When you 're-visit' a page it can be loaded from the cache on your 
disk or from the network.  It is a configuration option on Mosaic and 
Netscape, at least, I received Compuserve/Mosaic configured to 
display from the disk every time - fat lot of good that was.

73 Roadster (HD&H)
75 V8 (DD)

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