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Re: MGB Motor Mount

To: "Craig H. Brallier" <>
Subject: Re: MGB Motor Mount
From: Wayne Kube <>
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 1996 21:32:46 -0600
Craig H. Brallier wrote:
> I have a 76 B which I replaced the left side motor mount.  Bolting it to the
> engine was no problem, but I don't know how to get the nut on the bottom of 
>the mount.
> The steering shaft goes thru the frame mount and there is no room.  Is there 
>an easy way
> to remove the steering shaft without removing the steering rack etc.  HELP!!
Craig -
        I wouldn't remove the steering rack and shaft without the alignment jig
to put the shafts back into proper position at the U-joint.  Put the
front of the car up on ramps or jackstands.  You can get to the nut -
but it's not easy.  I used RTV silicone rubber to hold the washers on
the bolt.  I was able to get the nut started with a little diffulty. 
The problem was tightening the nut.  The 9/16 inch open end wrench you
need to use will need to have a bent handle to get in behind the
steering shaft.  Then, you will need to turn over the wrench to get to
the next set of flats - but the bent handle prevents this.  Solution -
bend the handle of another wrench.  I now have two "custom" 9/16 inch
open end wrenches, each with opposite bends.  It took about 15 minutes
of turn the nut, use the other wrench, turn the nut more, use the first
wrench, etc.  But, it did finally get tightened.  
        If you would like, I would be willing to loan you the wrenches.  Let me

Good Luck!
Wayne Kube
Plano, TX

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