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RE: Noisy Midget Rear Axle/Differential

Subject: RE: Noisy Midget Rear Axle/Differential
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 11:38:31 GMT
Tom Shirley asked 
>Has anyone ever developed a fix for the noisy Midget rear
A few months ago, a halfshaft broke on my 1977 Midget 1500, and while we
had the back axle off, I replaced the oil (which was EP90) with EP120 - it
runs alot quieter now (though it wasn't excessively noisy before). I was told
that this is a fairly normal way to cut the noise, and it won't harm anything.

On another matter, I shall be in Washington DC for a few days in April next
year and wondered if there was anyone who could put me up for a few days to
talk cars, drink beer etc.?

Richard Norgate,
RMCS Shrivenham (Cranfield University)
Swindon, UK.

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