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Subject: BOUNCE mgs: Non-member submission from [David Tietz <>]
From: Mark J Bradakis <mjb>
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 11:30:34 -0700 (MST)
     Date: Mon, 16 Dec 1996 20:28:58 -0500
     From: David Tietz <>
     Subject: Mini-lites & Spleen Venting

Fellow Listerers,
I have a FYI on a Mini-lite conversion I did to my '74 GT and some 
comments on what I am reading on the list. First the LBC content:

I needed to replace the wire wheels on my weekend driver (a '70 
roadster), and decided to use the wheels from my GT, which would give 
me an excuse to "get modern" (tubeless tires, alloy wheels) with my 
daily driver. All the experts in the club, and around the shops I 
frequent insisted that the rear axle had to be changed to accommodate 
the bolt-ons (save one, bless his heart).
At his shop we tried a rear hub change (dimensionally, the most 
critical), and it looked like it would work.
I took some serious measurements and laid it out on the computer... I 
ordered up four 6 inch wide, 15 inch mini-lites from Moss, and had 
four 195/65 Pirelli tires at my disposal to mount on, bought four bolt 
type hubs, and held my breath... When the mini-lites came in, it all 
came together, and it is a beautiful fit. I understand the wire wheel 
rear-end is 1" shorter than the bolt-on rear end, and that works in 
your favor with the mini-lites (which also tend to have a generous 
off-set). The beauty is that the car may easily be converted back to 
wires for the DNO (Dandy Next Owner), if they (or you) are of such a 
mind in the future... For Your Info... I have always been kind of a 
wire wheel guy but damn, those fat tires on those wide mini-lites look 
Now, my $.02 on this list and ISPs... I don't believe anyone should 
decide when a thread is over. It should be over when the last guy has 
had his say... I believe a 100 message limit on my mail box is a 
feature, not a problem, and the digest... its a benefit, not a 
punishment! I don't know what I would do if I had more than 100 
correspondences to deal with at any one time. When the digest form of 
the list was set-up, I embraced it as a god-send. I am shocked that so 
many people apparently receive each posting as a separate document... 
how does one find time to work on your LBC hovering around the 
computer waiting for the mail icon to switch?
I have had for years (and will have for many more probably) AOL. It 
does not suck, it has not grown to the size it is (the biggest on-line 
provider?) by not being worth a sh**. It is exactly what a lot of 
non-techie types need to deal with for e-mail and other reference 
I am a techie type, and I also use Compuserve for some technical 
forums, and AT&T WorldNet for my web surfing. But talking to gramma, 
or aunt Tillie would not be possible with anything more complicated 
than AOL.
By the way, AT&T WorldNet is free (5 hours per month to people who 
have AT&T Long Distance) for a year (or it used to be), and supports 
both Macintosh and PC compatibles. It is a full blown ISP, and allows 
either Netscape or the Microsoft browser (Netscape comes with it).
Geez, everything is NOT so cut & dried, there are reasons for 
different computers, ISPs, on-line providers, browsers, and even LBCs, 
though you would have to talk long and hard (and have a gun) to get me 
to let loose of either of my MGs.
Dave Tietz
P.S. Thanks a lot Mark... great job!

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