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Re: Californians Help Me

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Subject: Re: Californians Help Me
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 14:53:20 -0800 (PST) (22:53 UT)
The smog equipment for california 1966 is a PVC valve.  It had a front
tappet cover with a pipe coming out of it, leading to the PCV valve,
and then into the intake manifold.  If your car doesn't have this,
you could probably rig one up easily, or else buy a new front tappet
cover and valve from MOSS.  The Hydrocarbon limit is around 1200 PPM.
I don't have the Carbon monoxide levels here with me, but I can get
them for you tomorrow.  New this year is a NO2 level that I don't know
the limits on.  There is a smog-legal Weber for California, the DCOE,
that has the PCV valve inlet.  Is that what you have?  It's a side-draft.
  I don't think you would get failed on a visual for the header.  Exhaust
modifications are only a no-no on Catalyst-required cars.
  The real question is whether your cam will push your emissions above
the limit.  I kind of doubt it.  If you retard your timing to reduce the
CO levels  (Say to 5 degrees BTDC) and lean out your carbs (Can you do that
with a Weber?) you should pass.  Is there a smog station where you can
get it checked before hand?
  At worse, you may have to install a standard cam and carbs....
  Best of luck.

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