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Used fender and hood for '78 B

Subject: Used fender and hood for '78 B
From: Michael Hartwig <>
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 20:24:37 -0600
Could someone give me the source for a used fender and hood for a '78
B?  I wrecked my '78(thank goodness it wasn't the '70) a month ago and
now I have to replace some body panels.  I was looking for some panels
off a  junked or wrecked car to replace mine.  I was planning on
stripping the paint myself and then installing the panels.  Then have
the front end of the car repainted.  

I'm in the memphis area, and there is absolutely nothing in the junk
yards with an MG emblem on it, so I will now look elsewhere.


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