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Re: More shock conversions... LBC content inside. NO AOL references. h

To: "Jason F. Dutt" <>
Subject: Re: More shock conversions... LBC content inside. NO AOL references. honest
From: Michael Hartwig <>
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 20:21:20 -0600
Jason F. Dutt wrote:
> Okay, how about a debate between the Monroe rear shock conversion vs. the 
>Spax conversion.  I'm talking in terms of general driveability, as the Spax 
>can be adjusted whereas the Monroes can't.
> Regards,
> J

I thought I'd bite on this one, since there doesn't seem to be any lbc
discussions going on these days.  As far as the Monroe shock conversion
kit is concerned, I don't really have any opinion, except for the
opinions expressed by a fellow from Brit-Tek.  He strongly advised
against the Monroe's, based on the fact that the Monroe is a truck
shock(at least for the rear conversion kit).  Of course you can get a
car shock, but then you must also consider that the rear end of an MGB
weighs, eh, don't flame me if I'm wrong, but how about 1000 pounds.  If
you get a car shock, it will more than likely be too stiff even then,
and if you get shocks for an econobox, or Geo Metro, then you get a
shock that lasts 4000000 km and rides like crap.  

Personally, I like the SPAX cause they're adjustable.  Also, the guy
from Brit-Tek, said he's never gotten any sent back because of a fault
with the design or shock itself.  That means you don't have to take the
shock off ever.  No refilling the oil, no taking the shock off because
it leaks oil, since it has been rebuilt(I'm saying this because many
have lever shocks rebuilt and they still manage to leak some).  Also,
I've heard of the SPAX lasting some 150,000 miles(what is this in

As I put more miles on my B and the new leaf springs bed in, I'm loving
the ride more and more.  It gives a good ride, but better yet, no
jerking in the rear end when I hit a pothole while turning(is that
statement confusing?).

Sorry if I seem to be rambling on.  I've been working on site today and
the wind and cold temperature on the tarmac seem to have messed me up
real bad.  

I just wanted to put some lbc content back into the mailing list.


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