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Re: 100% restorations/17

Subject: Re: 100% restorations/17
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1996 03:20:08 EST
On Tue, 17 Dec 1996 09:42:04 -0800 Jarl/Carol <>
>W. R. Gibbons wrote: (some snippets)
>> I have read about cars that needed
>> major surgery being restored "without the use of lead or filler."
Jarl wrote
 I HATE show restorations, and would not do them. By my
>reckoning our cars are not museum pieces but tools - for pleasure and
>utility and not for static display. To me, a show car is "off the 

>Originality is often also destroyed.

HEAR HEAR Jarl, Whilst there is no doubt that there is something truly
fascinating about looking at a 100percent "perfect"  pro-restoration, its
really like looking at a model of a dinosaur in a museum! I get  much
more pleasure from looking over an example that someone has restored
themselves to a level where one can appreciate the care,time  and
attention that went into the work so the owner can rip up a few country
lanes on a Sunday!!!(and then rub off the  dead flies and tar marks of
I pride myself on doing as much work on my cars as I possibly can MYSELF,
also, using the original parts wherever possible but bringing them back
as close as I can to where they started (e.g.replacing interior panels
with new hardboard but using the original vinyl , trim screws and a lot
of Armorall or in dire cases vinyl paint - takes weeks for something you
can buy fairly cheaply but DAMN it looks good!!)
Bodywork and paint on MGBs NEVER started life perfect - but it looked
just fine cruising through town in 1972 and thats what it needs to do 25
years later!

I admire anybody who will restore something of beauty for their own
pleasure and for the pleasure of those around or those who will come
"after" but there's an eerie presence around something TOO perfect
(concourse Jags are especially scary!). Perhaps some folk just have too
much ablity or dont want to hear the "hallowed note" as they drop into
third about 3500rpm and skirt a gentle curve. . . . 


mike robson
69 roadster
72 roadster
73 BGT

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