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Re: Brit-Tek

To:, Kolansky_Sheldon/
Subject: Re: Brit-Tek
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 96 08:04:45 -0500
12 Parmenter Road
Londonderry, NH

I have been dealing with Bob Ford of Brit-Tek for a year and a half now.
I have no complaints. (I have no connections to Bob or the company,
other than their being about 40 minutes away)

Bob gets at least 90% of my purchases.  (I do buy some used stuff, and
sometimes break down at a flea market and buy from someone other than

He is always willing to spend the time to talk to you and help diagnose
your problem.  When you have a real stickler, he will go through as many
iterations as necessary to get the problem solved. I went through about
6 iterations of overheating problems, just to find that the voltage
stabilizer had a bad ground.  Bob was there for all, even if he wasn't
going to benefit from a sale.

Even though their specialty is speed type goodies, which I tend not to
use, they handle the full complement of B parts. 

He has a great attitude and is one of the few remaining stores that
understand that people keep them in business.  His attitude is that if I
help you now, you will probably come back and buy from us. So far it has
worked fine.  I almost feel guilty if I buy elsewhere due to the support
he has provided.

Well, enough from this slimmy low life lurker as DRDED calls me.  I may
loose my image.  Sorry if this sounds too good, but that is the way
things have gone so far.

PS - If and / or wwhen you call him, please don't say that I said
anything good about him.  It will ruin my image!

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