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aol paranoia: "we are out there."

Subject: aol paranoia: "we are out there."
From: fontaine <>
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1996 10:35:47 -0500 wrote:
> To Whoever It was,
>        I'm one of those "other people" that I see mentioned in "the Digest".
>  You should beware 'cause we are watchiny YOU.  I am an AOLer.  I know we sit
> at the back of the bus but "we" are still on the bus.  When I see something
> of interest I do take the time to download and then go to the trouble of
> going to my word processer and read every word.  We're also taking names and
> numbers and biding our time.   Kinda creepy huh?
>           Just keepin' tabs and Merry Christmas     Bill in Colorado
    i know its winter but dont get unwrapped about 
"whoever is out there"
talk about those fine brit leaky roadsters instead of 
the aol fiasco/smash..its a waste of electrons.
dick fontaine
62 tr3b
48 mgtc

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