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signing off the digest

Subject: signing off the digest
From: (Paul D Kile)
Date: 18 Dec 96 14:20:51 PST
I will be signing off the digest for a while, since I will be on a 
Xmas vacation until after the first of the year.  I don't want to 
have to plow through 16 days of back digests.

I'm giving reluctant but serious thoughts to not re-upping when I return,
mainly because of all the aol and other odd non-LBC threads I have to
dig through to get to the good stuff.  

I started out on the "MG Enthusiasts Live BBS",
which has always provided a steady flow of good technical questions
and answers.  That list also has the advantage of being divided up into
subjects, so I can check just the MGA, MGB, V-8, and other areas of
interest to me, while occasionally checking out the T-types and such..

I will miss some of the humor and poetry, and things like Bill 
Eastman's and Geoff Love's tech discussions, but I won't miss all the 
whiners and complainers.  Mark B. does a great job administering this 
list, too bad he has had to take all the flack recently.

Cheers and Safety Fast, Paul Kile
1974 MGB-GT V-8 (The Rustbucket)
1962 MGA 1600 Mk II Roadster (The Hangar Queen)     

Paul D. Kile

(916) 355-5162
GenCorp Aerojet
POB 13222
Dept 5784 Building 20019
Sacramento, California 95813-6000

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