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Re: Texas winters and MGA's - no fun

Subject: Re: Texas winters and MGA's - no fun
From: (Carol)
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1996 16:50:08 -0600 (CST)
At 04:26 PM 12/18/96 +0000, wrote:
>WARNING: Post not entirely composed with LBC content. Read at you own
>risk. In respect for bandwidth conservation, however, lower case
>characters were used as often as possible.

Gunshy??! ;-)   I wonder why?!

>Carol, you're a whiner! If you were to pull out your atlas, you might be
>aghast to discover that Texas is not the center of the universe! It's
>actually somewhat south. Most of the posters ain't gonna feel sorry for
>your balmy 28 degrees! It was windy and 6 degrees when I went to work,
>warmed up to just over a dozen, and is going to drop to, oh, about 0
>tonight in Kansas City. Besides, the cold weather will probably have its
>fill of Texas soon enough and you'll be drinking margaritas on the
>veranda by Friday night. Around here we're hoping for temperatures above
>freezing for a few hours on Saturday. Maybe.

Bob, it's gonna' be 10F HERE tonite! The garden shops will thrive in the
spring! The last time this happened, big, old, trees bought it! The
shrubbery was toast, too.

And, you're right about the veranda. It's supposed to be in the 60's by the
weekend! If you don't like the weather in Texas, wait a minute...

>(LBC Mode On)

>What you are probably witnessing is the rather casual relationship
>generators have with batteries. Generators are only efficent over 40 or
>50 miles an hour -- and for long periods. If you just cruise the
>neighborhoods at low speeds (the last sporting venue for MGA's <g>) your
>generator may not be keeping up.

OK. Hadn't heard this before. We've been running the car on jackstands.
Obviously no high speed there... 

>I'd suggest buying a battery charger and introducing it to your 'A'
>regularly. Alternatively, you can get a trickle charger and just leave
>the thing connected to the car; plugging it in to house power as

We don't have access to power. That's the problem!

>Anybody sells battery chargers; 10 amp automatics for around $35 will do

I bought a trickle charger for my ex-sailboat at Wally World for about $15.
Did a great job, too.

I may get one of those solar chargers for about $30. I think we could rig it
to where it could get enough light and put it under the car. No power, remember?

Anybody ever tried one? 

>I'll bet you a Lone Star that three hours on a charger and the 'A' will
>spin to life. If not, then you likely have (surprise) a ground problem.
>There should be a healthy strap between the battery and the frame and
>then another between the frame and the engine. The 'other' cable should
>also be stout and clean on both ends from the battery to the starter.

The connections all looks fine. But!!! You should see how the battery is
physically held down. Not a pretty sight: bungie cords! The frame for the
battery is a rusted mess and will be re-welded as soon as the car is on the
road. And the car has already been converted to a negative ground system.
Thank you, Lord!

(Who drinks Lone Star?? I drink Schaeffer Light and Miller light. I don't
like headaches!)

>As for the smoke on start up, the engine probably enhaled a bunch of gas
>waiting for the ignition system to accumulate enough juice to light off.

But it kept on belching  smoke even after it had been running for about 15

>> Windchill: had to be at least  -80F
>{ Typical Texan exageration. Must be a native.... rda }

Yep! Fifth genner. Great-great-grandfathr built the Menger Hotel, and served
the first cold beer in the state. Had his own brewery.

I was ~not~ exaggerating about the temps. It was c-o-l-d!! I'd have been
warmer on a ski slope wearing less clothing.

>{ FYI-- it has been my experience that the term Darlin' is only
>effective after 
>plying target with large quantities of petrol... rda }

Good eye, Mr. Allen! <g>

Let's see what mischief tonight's chill brings us, and thanks for the tips!


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