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Re: Baked Dashboard Replacement

Subject: Re: Baked Dashboard Replacement
From: Hezekiah Bolton <>
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1996 22:21:15 -0800 (PST)
Brian, Mike,
  I, too, have a pretty funky vinyl dashboard on my '76 B and have been
  wondering just how or what was to be done re: removal and replacing. 
  I am very encouraged by the reply in this email.  I've already filed it
  away for future reference.
  I'm keeping an eye out for future lister comments about this topic.

  Count me in on this one!
  Hez of the Pacific NW

At 03:20 AM 12/18/96 EST, MICHAEL J ROBSON wrote:
>On Wed, 18 Dec 1996 01:09:08 +0000 Brian Hoxie <>
>>My 77B has spent most of it's life in central AZ, so it has a minimum 
>>rust, but one seriously baked dashboard.  At one of the sales over the 
>>year I bought a replacement dash and am ready to install it for my 
>>project.  How do I proceed?  What's involved?  What are the pitfalls?  
>>else should I do while its out?  I have the standard manuals and 
>>read them, but I'd like the advantage of a little experience to go 
>>with them.
>>Brian Hoxie
>One thing to know from the start is that this is no easy job! - the
>manuals are quite adequate for the pure step by step procedures although
>they do minimise some of the difficulties you will encounter.
>Here are a few comments based on experience, some of it painful! based on
>changing the dash in my 72 (my 69, also an AZ car - God bless 'em, seems
>to have worn a hard top most of its life)
>1)removal of the steering wheel/column was dealt with about a week or so
>   personally I didnt do it! - using a very fine fretsaw, superglue and
>vinyl paint you will    spend far less time "adjusting" and restoring the
>dash around the column than you    will replacing ujs and having the car
>towed so somebody can put it all back! - plus 
>   it is an obvious cut and i defy anyone to notice later!(preparing for
>incoming on that    one!)
>2)Mark every wire as clearly as you possibly can whilst disassembling,
>better to write    an essay than have one or two left over!  twist
>extension wires to them as well to    make them artificially longer so 
>you can more easily "sort" them and keep them to    one side or the
>3) remember to change EVERY bulb for new ones and remember to test EVERY
>one     of those new bulbs
>4)Ensure all the guages and switches are fully working and clean all
>connections to
>   bare metal.Personally would change choke and speedo cables just in
>case  and
>   make sure oil pressure guage connection not corroded (mine was)
>4)The only way to restore or replace the vinyl between the base of the
>windscreen and     the back of the dash is with the dash off - dont
>forget this item, if the dash is THAT
>    far gone then this piece almost certainly needs replacement.
>5)when replacing use wire connectors rather than solder in all cases,
>   it takes longer but it makes errors easier to "undo" and it will be
>highly appreciated
>   if you ever need to change the windscreen (THE MOST MINIMIZED JOB IN
>   MANUALS!!) 
>6)All the above notwithstanding, if it is only the top of the dash that
>is unacceptable
>    (the vertical portions not getting as much sun) it may be possible to
>use a dash
>    cap, plus a bit of filler if any significant holes! - These are only
>about $50 and take
>    an afternoon to install. vinyl paint and/or Armorall will bring back
>practically anything
>    to a shiny black and I have found the result quite acceptable - just
>a thought.
>hope this helps - Ill be interested to hear others experiences with this
>mike robson
>69 roadster (dash just fine but all the  bulbs gone so it has to come off
>72 roadster (been there done that )
>73 BGT (dash fine, its the bloody engine i cant fix!)

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