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Subject: Fwd: Parts suppliers
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 1996 18:57:13 -0500
By Robin's request I am forwarding his message to the list.

Barney Gaylord

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Date:   96-12-18 22:16:40 EST
From:   ROBMGV8
To:     BarneyMG

Hi Barney,
               I agree with just about everything you wrote.
I now order most of my parts from Don Bridger in Arkansas. He is a true
enthusiast, owning numerous MG's including the 1,000,000 car of the line, a
factory V8, Airline Coupe etc. He aslo has a large collection of memorabilia
from the factory. 
He has bought large stocks of NOS parts over the years, buys direct from the
source in England and has parted out a huge number of cars. He only charges
the actual UPS charge for shipping and his prices are always lower than the
big boys. You can order by Moss#, VB # or the original MG/BMC/Leyland #

His number is 800-643-3482.
Since he retired he has gone full time into the parts business. I cannot say
enough good about his service.

St. Louis >>

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Subj:    Re: Parts suppliers
Date:    96-12-19 10:54:25 EST
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Yes, I'm sure they would, can you forward my message to the list?


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