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teaser, leaks and catchtanks

To: "Syl's Sydney Homestay" <>
Subject: teaser, leaks and catchtanks
From: Jarl/Carol <>
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 1996 16:58:09 -0800
Syl's Sydney Homestay wrote:
> To satisfy race scruiteneering I have manufactured and fitted an oil catch
> tank picking up via flexible hoses any possible oil spill and vapours from
> the side plate breather pipe and also from the valve cover orifice. I have
> fitted sports type pancake air filters to the carbs.
> Obviously through this configuration I have bypassed the design effect as
> outlined by you above.
> What, if any, problem/s is this likely to cause me?

None really, under race conditions, 
a) the oil gets hot enough to boil off any contamination. and 
b) you should be changing it after every couple of races anyway.

The problem with the original setup, aside from the obvious gaseous air
pollution, is that the air flow carries small droplets of oil with it,
especially at high revs. The catch tank is designed to stop these before
they accumulate on the track surface, you'd be amazed how much gets on
that track from 30 cars for 20 minutes (and they don't have to be
British either). (I DID see a parade of Jaguars during their featured
year at the Monterey Historics: 350+ jags and the LAST one was waving an
oil flag out of his side window!)    Jarl

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