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Re: Melancholia pervading the joyous season

Subject: Re: Melancholia pervading the joyous season
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 1996 01:07:27 EST
I have a true sadness to report but the realization of it may lead to
better things....

When I purchased my 73 BGT in july i knew it was by no means a " shave
and a haircut " restoration, the car had stood albeit in covered storage
for more than 14 years and whilst the original mileage was only 49000 the
engine was locked solid as were the brakes and diff for that matter. I
felt it was salvageable and since my passion is for the GT (much as i
love my roadsters) I was determined to do all i could.

It is now December....I freed the brakes- all four were rusted to hell!,
got enough work on the diff done to get it moving and got a lot of
"emergency" bodywork done so the car would not deteriorate further
outside (plus since the  o r i g i n a l  owner had seen fit to paint the
car pink with gold detailing over the original black tulip,I was keen to
see as much gray primer as possible!!!) stripped the interior (except the
dash) and
now comes the melancholia!! .... every weekend out came the largest
spanner i own and a length of pipe, spanner applied to shaft, pipe placed
over spanner - much grunting, pushing and slipping.....
In july, i removed the plugs, filled the engine with penetrating oil
which has been religiously topped up ever since and started this spanner
ritual and we are no nearer to freeing the beast than we were on the
first day. I have had several pros look at (and have a crack at) it,
there have been a few suggestions-all followed  but most said "just
persevere - ive seen worse"
Now the dilemma, I think i may well be wasting my time at this point
either the rings are so rusted they are never going to move or there is a
"demon" in the lower depths and this thing has been standing 14 years
because it seized first!!! - (no evidence on the outside but...) If this
is to be an engine rebuild as well as restoration then frankly it is way
past my expertise, I can do the surface engine work but the deep world of
big-ends and crankshafts  are the domain of others far more experienced
(and expensive!) so i think its time to move on...
.I will part out the car (I can take an engine to bits - its the
reassembly thats the bugger!) and enter the market for a GT more suitable
for my abilities, I would like to find one that can be a daily driver
located in north east region preferred but will consider further afield
any age chrome bumper and will pay as much as 5000 if I find the right
one (meant what i said about daily driver) - anyone have any leads?
If anyone wants/needs GT parts - well im here and will swap or sell
reasonably whatever is needed (in fact a lot of the Gt interior parts are
already restored and/or cleaned and detailed )
The body shell is very sound -  surface rust but truly no serious rot -
Ill give it gratis to anyone who'll promise to either restore it or
dismantle it and part it out  
Oh - and come to CT and get it of course!!

So there is the sad tale - im not one for giving up but I know when im
out of my league  - I just hope someone more able will want it and
someone else out there will have my new transportation!!

apologies for windbagging but its an emotional decision!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- hand me a therapist!!!!!

mike robson
69 roadster
72 roadster (summer daily driver)
73 BGT (the last time this will be mentioned here.....)

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