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And Merry Xmas To All..

Subject: And Merry Xmas To All..
From: Dave Houser <>
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 1996 10:40:34 +0000
In the spirit of my Dan Hughes tale, 100% restos and Xmas, I offer the 

Dan Hughes tale:
While working on a customers TC many years back, actually a short 
lived MG adventure, My partner and I did a routine oil change. Each 
went over the usual tasks, and then time to start her and check on 
pressure. I was standing outside the car checking for external leaks 
at the oil filter side and my partner was inside the car reading off 
the pressure..." Ok, she's coming up..20...30..40..30..uh, 
oh...20..10..NO PRESSURE!!  and he shut down right away. By that time,  
I had noticed the problem as I was standing in an ever growing puddle 
of fresh engine oil! I'm sure it was he that forgot to put the drain 
plug back in the sump.

100% restos:
After 32 years as a certifiable MG nut( I auction "Octagon soap" at 
the NY/CONN Xmas dinner as a Cecil Kimber invention!) owning 8.5 MG's 
presently, I have restored two ground up MG's to date and am in the 
middle of my third, possibly my last. The first was my 53 TD, the next 
my 1960 MGA Coupe and currently my 67 MGB-GT Special. With my wife's 
help on the interiors, I did everything but the major metal repairs(I 
know my limitations) and actual engine machining. During these 
restorations I was very comfortable with the fact that these were not 
going to be 100% original jobs, but solid, safe enjoyable cars that 
would be driven more often than shown. Both cars sport non-original 
colors that I sprayed. I painted them both in lacquer, which I found 
gave an easy to repair finish alas not impervious to stone chips. The 
TD sports a black interior and the coupe an FM cassette player and neg 
earth.  I read alot and applied what I read and got lots of advice 
from people more knowledgeable than I was at the time. These people 
became our MG family which we have enjoyed and traveled with all over 
the world. 
I said that this latest resto may be my last only because of the time 
its taking me to do.(loud sounds of frustration here) It's been 9 
years since I started this and my garage is littered with new parts, 
used parts, doubles and triples of things that I forgot I had and 
bought again at Carlisle over the years. The GT shell has been sitting 
fully painted for TWO years now and so far I did manage to get the 
headlight shells in. I'm waiting for an expert's help in helping put 
in the front and rear hatch glass. Once that happens, I know things 
will start to happen. If I were asked to give my advice at this point 
to a potential MG buyer? Buy a car that someone else has done so you 
can enjoy it and drive it from the get-go. Keeping it on the road will 
give you enough hours to tinker and rebuild, while increasing your 
knowledge as to keeping them on the road. 

A happy and healthy MG holiday to all and as some have already 
mentioned on this list, be more accepting of people. Life's too short 
and this ain't a dress rehearsal.

Dave Houser

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