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Cold Air box/20

Subject: Cold Air box/20
From: Jarl/Carol <>
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 1996 09:01:57 -0800 wrote:

> The 'A' already has the 'snout' ... there is an 'air duct'
> (metal tube) that penetrates the radiator support on both
> sides ... 

I should have remembered, but.... as you get older, three things happen,
your memory starts to go, and ... what was the question again?

Most MGAs have had those stiff hoses in front of the rad deleted, but
the one to the carb side is important and useful. If you get/make a box
that hooks directly to the cold air feed, excluding ANY warmed
under-hood air you'll get some improvement, but in all except hot
climates it will be slight.         MeGGy Christmas to all.     Jarl

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