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RE: John Twist

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Subject: RE: John Twist
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Date: Fri, 20 Dec 1996 12:43:00 -0500
>>Could someone send the address
>>and phone to John Twist in Michigan.
>>I understand him to have book available
>>for our cars.
Tom, received the following from John ...

>>Larry!  Thanks for your kind notes!  The engine information
>>is in my Technical Manual, now undergoing it's yearly
>>metamorphesis.  The new one will emerge in late January.
>>Send me $20 or provide master/visa number to:
>>John Twist
>>University Motors
>>6490 East Fulton Street
>>Ada, MI 49301
>>(616) 682 0800 
>>fax (616)682 0801
>>or Email me here.  Best publication for the buck.  I would
>>LOVE to be on line answering questions EVERY DAY, but
>>there are four kids, a home, a business to run, scouts......
>>... I'll be back!
>>Fast Forward!  John Twist

Safety Fast! ...

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