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Subject: BOUNCE mgs: Non-member submission from ["John (Scotty) Scott" <>]
From: Mark J Bradakis <mjb>
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 1996 12:34:09 -0700 (MST)

     Date: Sun, 15 Dec 1996 23:41:20 +0930
     From: "John (Scotty) Scott" <>
     Subject: Re: MGB LE-Reply  (A Tad Long)

G'Day Len,
             I have an MGB-LE which came to Australia by way of a wrecking yard 
Santa Rosa California, it is a daily driver for my wife now, and a much
loved MG. [Restored to daily driver standard, right hand drive, Pommy
Dashboard, Australian engine specs "sans pollution gear" and fitted with
the Automatic transmission from a factory MGB that was "killed " by a
marauding V**V*station wagon that ran a red light]  The driver of the B was
OK. When I first saw a picture of the MGB-LE in the book 'MG The Book Of
The Car' by Anders Ditlev Clausager,
ISBN 0-8317-5850-3 I thought 'They have finally got the 'B' right! I think
that to this day! ---- Now to business.----

*******IMHO I believe the following to be accurate information*******

*How many USA specs cars were made? = 6682 roadsters only.
*Introduced at the New York Auto Show-Spring of 1979.
*Available from the Summer of '79 through the summer of' 80'
*"Limited" to the production of 5000 Roadsters. [actual 6682 made]
*'Celebrating' 30 years of MG success in the American market for MGs

The following 'package' was added to a standard MGB, for $US-600

*Special Black Paint
*Special Alloy Wheels
*185 (SR) 70x14" Tires
*Air Dam Front Spoiler
*Competition Type Steering Wheel
*Black MG Coco Mats (American Sourced for '77-80 cars)
*Limited Edition Silver Stripes (American Sourced)
*Limited Edition I.D. (Dash) Plaque
*Luggage Rack (American sourced-with ski adaptors if required)
(Stereo radios were fitted, American sourced)
(a tonneau cover was standard)
(A 23mm Lug wrench for the special wheel lug nuts in the tool kit)

*Overdrive-(as on all MGBs)
*Interior Black or Tan (the only two choices available for this LE model)
*Air conditioning ('Never' a factory option, 'only' ever a dealer option)

1st car in March '79 (car # 492071)
Last California car # 500344 Dec '79
Last Federal Car of all # 523000 August '80 Presented to the 
Ford museum

Of #51 of 250 on the Plaque? I have never heard of this before,another
MG mystery to investigate?



P.S. all proven corrections gratefully accepted.
P.P.S. all flames cheerfully ignored 


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